How to reduce gear noise during geared motor operation

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The reduction of gear transmission noise during the operation of reducer has become an important research topic in the industry. Many scholars at home and abroad regard the change in meshing stiffness of gears as the main factor of gear dynamic load, vibration and noise. With the shape modification method, the dynamic load and speed fluctuations are minimized to reduce the noise. This method proved to be a more effective method in practice. However, with this method, there is a need for repair equipment in the process, and the majority of medium and small plants are often unable to implement.

After years of research, it has been proposed that by optimizing the gear parameters such as the displacement coefficient, tooth height coefficient, pressure angle, and center distance, the intermeshing impact velocity is minimized, and the ratio of the in-rush impact velocity to the meshing impact velocity is at a certain value. The range of gear design methods that reduce or avoid the engagement of the pitch circle can also significantly reduce gear noise.

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