How brushless DC motors discharge oil

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Now brushless DC motors are very common, which brings convenience to people's work. DC brushless motors are used to transport oil. Different transportation requirements will be required in different applications. Here is a look at the process of oil discharge. How it operates.

If you want to drain all the oil in the brushless DC motor housing, you can unscrew the oil drain plug in the lower part of the tank and drain off the oil.

Brushless DC motor in the case of external oil discharge, liquid level from the fuel tank top plate height should not exceed 30 mm, in order to ensure the lubrication and cooling of the bearings within the machine. When the volume of working chamber of the jack is too large, an additional fuel tank shall be provided to ensure that the minimum height of the liquid surface after the oil discharge is not less than 100 mm to avoid emptying.

After 500h of operation of the variable speed hydraulic DC brushless motor for the first time, the oil should be changed and the fuel tank and the oil filter cleaned. Use visual and laboratory tests to test the oil quality. When the oil quality deteriorates, change the oil promptly. When changing the oil, the tank and the oil filter must be cleaned at the same time. If there is metal shavings or water in the oil, find the cause and remove the fault.

In the short time when the liquid level decreases, the bearing is lubricated by the oil adhering to the oil and the plunger spring, the fuel tank oil filter and the oil filter unit under the machine are made of 230 mesh/inch copper wire mesh, and the oil filter mesh should be cleaned frequently. Anti-clogging, when used, the temperature of the tank fluid should not exceed 60°C, and if necessary, take appropriate measures to cool it.

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