What are the main components of the brushless motor?

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Brushless motors use semiconductor switching devices to achieve electronic commutation, that is, electronic switching devices replace traditional contact commutators and brushes. It has the advantages of high reliability, no commutation sparks, low mechanical noise, etc. It is widely used in high-grade recording seats, video recorders, electronic instruments and automation office equipment.

The brushless motor consists of a permanent magnet rotor, a multipole winding stator, a position sensor, and the like. Position sensing changes the current of the stator windings in a certain order according to the change of the rotor position (that is, the position of the rotor pole relative to the stator winding is detected, and the position sensing signal is generated at the determined position, and is processed by the signal conversion circuit. To control the power switch circuit, according to a certain logic relationship winding current switching). The operating voltage of the stator winding is provided by an electronic switch circuit controlled by the position sensor output.

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