Which heat treatment of brushless DC motor

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The reason why the performance of the DC brushless geared motor can be fully exerted is that its heat treatment prays for a certain role. In fact, the heat treatment of the equipment is to put the metal material in a certain medium to heat, insulate and cool, and change the material. Surface or internal crystalline structure, to change the performance of a thermal processing technology, which specific heat treatment equipment used? The following knowledge will be introduced in detail.

1. Stress relief annealing treatment: The purpose is to eliminate the casting force, improve the mechanical properties and mechanical processing performance.

2. Graphitizing annealing: If the cross-section size of the brushless DC motor is relatively different, it is easy to form a white port in the thin section, so that the graphitization annealing must be carried out in order to eliminate the white port.

3, other materials: There are also aluminum alloy brushless DC motor, the heat treatment and cast iron are similar, the purpose is similar, but the important aluminum alloy parts need to be solution treatment aging in order to improve the mechanical properties.

4. Homogenization Annealing: Brushless DC motor with other important brushless deceleration motors or other cast iron materials, in order to improve the mechanical properties, homogenization annealing is needed because many chemical components segregate in the casting process, and its purpose is uniform. Organize to ensure uniform mechanical properties of each section and improve mechanical properties

If you simply understand the knowledge of brushless DC motor, it will not only help you in understanding, it will also help in use.

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