Micro-motor is expected to become a new economic growth point

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Micro-motors, or "micro-motors," are motors that have a diameter of less than 160 mm or a rated power of less than 750 W. Micromotors are often used in control systems or transmission mechanical loads to perform functions such as the detection, analysis, amplification, execution or conversion of electromechanical signals or energy.

There are many categories of micromotors, which can be roughly divided into DC motors, AC motors, auto-sizing motors, stepper motors, resolvers, shaft angle encoders, AC/DC motors, tachogenerators, inductive synchronizers, linear motors, and pressure There are 13 categories of electric motors, motor units and other special motors.

Brushless DC motor: It is the fastest growing type in the small motor industry in recent years. With the "small, light, thin" audiovisual products and the quietness of home appliances and the demand for luxury cars, the demand for DC brushless motors is rapid. increase. It replaces brushes and commutators with electronic commutation. It has the advantages of high reliability, high efficiency, long life, and convenient speed adjustment. All countries have accelerated the pace of developing new products and occupy the market. Many companies in Japan have applied DC brushless motors to digital cameras, miniature tape recorders, video cameras, printers, storage drives, mobile phones, and automotive air conditioners, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, electric vehicles, and heart pumps.

Linear motor: It has the advantages of simple structure, no contact movement, low noise, high speed and accuracy, easy control, easy maintenance and high reliability. With the continuous innovation in the level of industrial automation, the field of linear stepper motors is becoming wider and wider. Major companies in the world are vigorously researching and developing new products and expanding their application fields. Companies such as Tamagawa, Matsushita, Yamaha Corporation and servo companies in Japan also have linear motor products. At present, there are a lot of automation equipment used in linear motors, such as high-speed punch, high-speed cutting machine, satellite antenna, magnetic head drives, plotters, printers, copiers, scanners and electric doors.

High-speed dynamic pressure bearing motor: In order to meet the miniaturization requirements of electronic products, the development of small motors to high speed is a kind of technological development trend, such as the rapid increase in the storage density of computer peripherals, its matching spindle brushless motor above 8000r/min In high-speed operation, many small motors even operate at more than 20000 r/min. To ensure the low noise of small motors at high speeds, and to ensure smooth operation, low jitter, and long life at high speed, many Japanese companies have developed Production of high-speed dynamic pressure bearing motor, dynamic pressure bearing air and liquid dynamic pressure bearing two. At present, there are many air dynamic pressure bearings, which are particularly suitable for high-speed operation, requiring low noise, small jitter, DVD, HDD, CD-ROM spindle motor.

Miniature motors: Microcomputers, pinball machines, health care, beauty massages, elderly and children's toys, mobile communications, etc. Micromotors, such as mobile phones, advanced toy cars, and micro-motors for electric toothbrushes, have been used extensively in recent years. Demand has increased rapidly, especially for small motor diameters of 3mm to 6mm (hollow and solid type), and the demand for button motors of 8mm to 12mm in diameter has increased dramatically. PCs, households, elderly health massage and toys, women's bodybuilding massages, children's smart toys and small home appliances also require a large number of micro-motors, most of which are consumer products.

Ultra-micro motor: The medical field is the most representative field of application of micro-mechanical and electronic technology. Micro-injury endoscopic treatment, precision microsurgery and micro-robots require highly compact and powerful power. Highly compliant ultra-micro motor. Micro-micro motors are the key implementation and drive components of micro-mechanical electronic systems. With the continuous improvement and maturity of ultra-micro-motor manufacturing, its output and application fields are constantly expanding, and its market potential is huge, and it is expected to become a new economic growth point.

Chip motor: With the development of miniaturization, weight reduction and thinning of electronic products, the supporting small motors are also required to develop in the direction of “micro, light, and thin”. The development of sheet-type motors has become an inevitable trend. The principle of a chip motor is not much different from that of a conventional DC motor. There are many companies in Japan that manufacture sheet-type motors and have been widely used in soft and hard drives, optical disc drives, walkman, recorders, video recorders, camcorders, digital cameras, mobile communications, and micro-medical devices.

Micromotor integrates high-tech industries such as stepper motors, microelectronics, power electronics, computers, automatic control, precision machinery, and new materials, especially the application of electronic technologies and new material technologies to promote micro-motor technology progress. 

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