The main elements of the selection of DC geared motors

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How to correctly select the power, type and type of DC gear motor to ensure the smooth production? The choice of Shenzhen Juteng Co., Ltd. is based on the principles of practicality, economy and security.

1, the economic choice

General imports are much more expensive than domestic ones. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are more expensive than the mainland. (The specific situation depends on the specific needs of the enterprise). Now in terms of the reducer market, most manufacturers, whether imported or domestic, have their own naming standards, so it is best to find a geared motor sample and select the model according to the sample.

2, the type of choice

Geared motors are cage-type and wire-wound. The cage type deceleration motor has a simple structure, easy maintenance, and low price, but the starting performance is poor, generally no-load or light-load starting production machinery can be selected; the winding-type deceleration motor has a large starting torque, a small starting current, but the structure Complex, start-up and maintenance are troublesome. They are only used in applications that require large starting torque, such as lifting equipment, and can also be used in machinery that requires proper speed control.

3, the choice of power

The choice of the geared motor power is determined by the production machine, that is to say, by the power required by the load. The motor power required by the geared motor is as follows: Motor power = Torque ÷ 9550 × Motor power input speed ÷ Speed ratio ÷ Service factor.

4, the choice of speed

The speed of the gear motor is close to the synchronous speed, and the magnetic field speed is divided by the number of pole pairs P, and the speed between the two speeds is not. The principle of speed selection of the geared motor is to make it as close as possible to the rotational speed of the production machine in order to simplify the rotating device.

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