Analysis of Causes for Over-tightness of DC Motor Bearings

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Operators are afraid of the waste end cap bearing chamber. When the DC motor is repaired, the bearing outer ring and end cap must have proper tolerances. Do friends know why DC motor bearings are too tight? Interested friends come with Xiaobian to see it.

Emphasis on the lower limit of the tolerance range, DC gear motor manufacturers do not want the car to the upper limit, so that the diameter of the bearing chamber is too small, increasing the amount of interference with the bearing outer ring; In addition, the repairman to the appropriate reduction in the maximum tolerance The amount of interference on the DC motor bearings to reduce noise is not enough to understand the benefits, for example, in the demolition of DC motor bearings found that the outer ring of the bearing and the end cover is very easy to remove, they mistakenly believe that the bearing is too loose, said the bearing "jumped well then Copper pads, punching holes, and even replacement of end caps, or replacement of bearings to enlarge the diameter of the outer ring to solve this problem, the most common method is to expand the end cap bearing chamber and then insert the sleeve, so that the bearing and end cap bearing room The close cooperation leads to the increase of the bearing noise after the repair of the DC motor, the bearing heating, etc. Due to the over-tightening, the bearing heats up and the grease is forced out, the bearing raceway (bearing face) has no local lubrication oil, and the bearing is overheated. And bearing failure.

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