Power source of DC geared motor

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The power source for the DC geared motor produced by a DC geared motor manufacturer is a power transmission mechanism. This mechanism uses a gear's speed converter to decelerate the motor's reverse rotation number to the required number of reverse rotations. Big torque.

Based on the deceleration of the motor, the output torque can be increased. At this output torque, you must always observe whether the rated torque of the machine is exceeded. Deceleration can also reduce the inertia of the load of the machine. In general, an ordinary motor will have an inertia value. With regard to the current situation of the use of a speed reducer, the speed reducer is mainly used for a mechanism for transmitting power and activities, and the device has a general limitation in use on the market.

The structure of the coaxial motor in the DC geared motor is relatively compact, so the volume is small, the corresponding floor space becomes smaller, and the overall shape of the device looks simple and elegant.

In terms of the bearing capacity of the machine, this bearing capacity is also stronger when it is overloaded. Because the transmission ratio of the aircraft is relatively grading, there are certain limitations in the selection.

In terms of energy consumption, the speed reducer's machine operates more efficiently and consumes less energy.

In terms of maintenance, due to the relatively simple structure of the speed reducer, the machine only needs to prepare several internal transmission parts in order to facilitate the maintenance work. In terms of hermeticity, the motor uses a new type of sealed installation that can be used in harsh operating environments.

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